6 Ways 3-D Printing Is Enhancing Medical Technology

September 25, 2014

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3-D printing initially emerged in the 1980s as a tool to assist in the manufacturing of various objects from car and aircraft parts, to prosthetic limbs. Recent advancements in technology have since paved the way for advanced bio-printing techniques, thrusting 3-D printing technology into the world of medicine.  

The last few years have seen a myriad of applications for the 3-D printers in the world of medicine, as doctors and researchers continue to explore how the technology can transform the way we see and interact with the human body.

Read on to discover some of the ways we can expect to see 3-D printing revolutionize modern medicine.

3-D printer image courtesy of Maker-Bot.

Kristopher Sturgis is a contributor to Qmed and MPMN.

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