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Axonics Touts Health Canada Nod for 4th Generation Neurostimulator

Image courtesy of Pavel Kapish / Alamy Stock Photo IMG_2022-12-14-163857.jpg
The Irvine, CA-based company said the R20 neurostimulator is labeled for a functional life in the body for at least 20 years.

Axonics said that Health Canada has approved the company’s fourth-generation rechargeable sacral neuromodulation system.

The newly approved Axonics R20 neurostimulator is labeled for a functional life in the body of at least 20 years and reduces how frequently a patient needs to recharge their implanted device to once every six to 10 months for only one hour.

This compares to the third-generation’s recharging interval of once a month for one hour. The Axonics R20 neurostimulator utilizes the same small 5cc form factor as the third-generation device and is paired with the same tined lead and intuitive, easy-to-use patient remote control.

“Since Axonics’ founding, delivering superior patient experiences has been at the forefront of our development efforts,” said Raymond W. Cohen, chief executive officer of Axonics. “Patients with overactive bladder want efficacy and a long-lived solution to address their chronic condition. The Axonics R20 represents a significant breakthrough for rechargeable neuromodulation devices and underscores our commitment to continuous innovation. We are confident that Axonics’ keen focus on the incontinence patient population and increasing public awareness of sacral neuromodulation has the potential to drive significant market expansion in the years ahead.”

Axonics has commenced sales of the R20 sacral neuromodulation system to customers in Canada. The device is currently under review by FDA in the United States. The company anticipates FDA approval and plans to commercially launch the product in the United States in the 1Q23.


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