Meet SXSW's 8 Hottest MedTech Startups - AdhereTech

Meet SXSW's 8 Hottest MedTech Startups - Kinsa


You can give a patient medication, but you can't make him take it. Adherence is one of the biggest problems plaguing medicine. New York-based AdhereTech wants to solve the problem right at home with its smart pill bottle.The bottle tracks medication adherence and features lights and chimes that remind patients of missed doses. It can also send reminders via text or phone. “[The app] also asks patients questions about why they didn't take the pill,”AdhereTech CEO Josh Stein said while discussing the importance of collecting data around patient adherence using the bottle's accompanying app.  
Stein said the company currently has a target list of 80 solid drugs for the smart bottle and is looking to expand into injectibles in the future.
AdhereTech is currently conducting a pilot project through the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Bethesda, MD. The company hopes to sell 10'000 of its smart bottles in Q1 2015.


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