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Medtech Supplier Innovation on Tour at BIOMEDevice San Jose

Join our Medtech Innovation Tour at BIOMEDevice San Jose December 7 to meet the top medtech innovators in the industry. Below we share the five exhibitors selected for the tour by the MD+DI editorial team.

  • Our Medtech Innovation Tour of these five innovative companies will take place at BIOMEDevice San Jose on December 7 from 11 am to 12 pm. To join the tour, please meet Editor Daphne Allen at the Information Booth, where you'll be given a headset and tour map. Please arrive at least 5 minutes before the tour starts.

    [Image source Aysezgicmeli/Shutterstock]

  • 3DEO offers Intelligent Layering, a new patent-pending metal additive manufacturing (AM) technology that the company claims can reduce final part cost of metal 3D printing by as much as 80%. The process results in parts that meet quality MPIF Standard 35, which 3DEO calls a first in metal additive manufacturing.

    Matt Sand, president of 3DEO, tells MD+DI that the company “can work on prototype and production parts and expects to have our ISO 13485 certification early 2018 to support production customers."

    Visit 3DEO at BIOMEDevice San Jose Booth #428

    [Image courtesy 3DEO]

  • CleanCut Technologies will demo the “Vault” packaging system, a protective yet economical alternative to traditional customized tray-style packaging. The system combines a universal thermoformed tray with CleanCut’s HDPE pouch cards used to retain devices.

    Benefits of the Vault packaging system could include shorter validation times associated with product changes, line extensions, and the release of similar “family” devices, the company reports in a news release. “Once the Vault has been validated, additional devices may be launched utilizing the same tray and small modifications to the card that may not warrant full validations based on density, design, and proper justification,” the company states.

    For more details, please see our sister publication’s article, “New packaging system aims to reduce cost, lead times.”

    Visit CleanCut Technologies at BIOMEDevice San Jose Booth #529

    [Image courtesy CleanCut Technologies]

  • Tekscan will demo the Grip system for measuring and evaluating static and dynamic pressures from grasping objects. For instance, it measures interface pressure for human hand and finger gripping applications to assess comfort, design, and ergonomics. The system is used to improve design for a more ergonomically sound product, study carpal tunnel and repetitive motion syndrome, or analyze the human hold on various tools and sports equipment, the company reports. The data and insight gained from using Grip could help companies enhance product design, manufacturing, quality, and research.

    Visit Tekscan at BIOMEDevice San Jose Booth #512

    [Image courtesy Tekscan]

  • Two OEM diaphragm pumps from KNF Neuberger, the FF 12 and FF 20, can be used to aspirate, transfer, and pressurize liquids and liquid/gas mixtures. Depending on the model, the pumps can transfer up to 230 mL/min and can operate at up to 44 psig.

    Dave Vanderbeck, OEM Product Manager, KNF Neuberger, tells MD+DI that typical applications include:

    • Moving wash fluids to clean needles, cuvettes, and slides.
    • Supplying/replenishing reagents, buffers, diluents, stains, etc.
    • Recirculating fluids for mixing/agitating/temp control—when the application fluid has a tendency to have components precipitate out or fall out of suspension or stratify. A good example is a fluid with magnetic particles, such as used in protein and immune cell separations.
    • Sheath delivery—driving carrier fluid to transport samples through an instrument’s detection optics.

    The adjustable brushless DC motors allow the transfer rate to be varied linearly at a ratio of approximately 10:1. The suction head of these pumps is not affected by this, and, depending on the model, can self-prime up to 5.8 – 10.5 InHg.

    These two models form the basis of a modular platform that allows countless customer-specific modifications, the company reports. 

    Visit KNF Neuberger at BIOMEDevice San Jose Booth #407

    [Image courtesy of KNF Neuberger]

  • Excelitas Technologies offers X-Cite Vitae Illumination Solutions for OEM applications. The systems are offered with flexible design and best-in-class manufacturing quality to meet the most demanding applications, the company reports. For instance, X-Cite Vitae LED platforms offer easily integrated, customizable illumination for medical and diagnostic instrumentation.

    Visit Excelitas Technologies in BIOMEDevice San Jose Booth #1306

    [Image courtesy Excelitas Technologies]

Daphne Allen

Daphne Allen is editor-in-chief of MD+DI. She previously served as executive editor of Pharmaceutical & Medical Packaging News, which serves as the pharmaceutical and medical device channel of Packaging Digest. Daphne has covered medical device manufacturing, packaging, labeling, and regulatory issues as well as pharmaceutical packaging and labeling for more than 20 years. She is also a member of the Institute of Packaging Professionals's Medical Device Packaging Technical Committee. Follow her on Twitter at @daphneallen.


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