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Medtech in a Minute: Trump's Pick for FDA, Stryker's Huge Deal, and More Medtronic-Axonics Drama

Pressed for time? Here's the medtech news you need most, in one minute or less.

Trump Taps Hahn for FDA Head

President Trump's pick for FDA commissioner won support from AdvaMed. Stephen Hahn, a chief medical executive at the MD Anderson Cancer Center, has authored 220 peer-reviewed original research articles and is known for taking an evidence-based approach to current healthcare challenges. The nomination comes nearly eight months after Scott Gottlieb vacated the position.


Stryker Has the 'Wright' Idea

Stryker has agreed to pay $4 billion for Wright Medical, which would significantly strengthen the company's trauma and extremities business. But the deal could trigger anti-trust concerns, result in some revenue dis-synergies, and potentially distract from Stryker's ongoing integration of K2M.

An Unexpected Turn in the SNM Market Battle

The battle between Medtronic and Axonics over the sacral neuromodulation (SNM) market took an unexpected turn as the incumbent slapped its challenger with a patent infringement lawsuit that could take years to play out. Medtronic says it is simply protecting its intellectual property, but Axonics sees it as an attempt to suppress competition.


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