Optimizing Reimbursement for New Medical Devices

January 1, 2002

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Optimizing Reimbursement   for New Medical Devices

Originally Published MX January/February 2002


Optimizing Reimbursement for New Medical Devices

Medtech manufacturers seeking to introduce new products or technologies can use resource costing and market research to maximize reimbursement levels—and also to boost market share.

Allan Fine and Mitch DeKoven

The pressure for medtech companies to develop new products and technologies that lead to new and enhanced treatment modalities is enormous. The financial investment in research and development can be staggering, particularly when there is no guarantee that the product will be a success, or even that it will receive the necessary regulatory approvals. Yet medtech companies have to meet market and shareholder demands, which require that they gain competitive advantage and continually improve their financial performance. One way that medtech companies can accomplish this is through acquiring and retaining market share.

Medtech companies can effectively gain market share through the introduction of new products and services. With any new product or service, there is a window

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