March 21, 2006

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Originally Published MPMN March 2006



Brushless dc motor

mpmn0603p26a.jpgA brushless dc motor series has a newly designed motor, gearhead, and driver. High-performance speed control for the BLF series is achieved with an increased speed range of 80 to 4000 rpm. The motor driver includes a detachable digital operator unit that serves both as a data input unit and a digital display that can be used up to 16.4 ft away from the installed driver. The user can program eight separate speed levels. Each speed can be set in steps of one revolution per minute with separate acceleration and deceleration values.
Oriental Motor, Torrance, CA

Position transducer

mpmn0603p26b.jpgA general-capability position transducer offers a long displacement range, multiple mounting options, and size efficiency for OEM and high-volume applications. The Series M line has a maximum range of 85 in. A reduced displacement cable fleet angle increases repeatability and reduces cable overlap compared with a pervious design. Three options give users flexibility in mounting the units. Choices are available for electrical connectors and signal conditioning.
SpaceAge Control Inc., Palmdale, CA

Rodless actuator

mpmn0603p26c.jpgAn electric belt-drive actuator features a wide belt for longer strokes at higher speeds than previous models. The B3W offers a patented heavy-duty sealed bearing system at both drive and idle pulleys, a stainless-steel dust band for internal parts protection, and a urethane steel belt. Consistent tracking is maintained for the full life of the actuator, owing to its sturdy construction.
Tol-o-matic, Hamel, MN

Lightweight brake

mpmn0603p26d.jpgA spring-applied, electronically released brake fits into small places, making it suitable for a variety of electromechanical applications. The brake works in a defined arc, ±15° from the null position. The unit is 5 in. long, weighs 1.1 lb, and supplies 90 lb-ft of torque. Four inner aluminum clear-anodized disks with friction pucks and five outer aluminum hard-anodized disks are some of the brake’s other features. The steel magnet body and spring-loaded armature plate are fixed to a stationary surface. When the coil is energized, it compresses the spring and attracts the armature plate, allowing the disks to rotate.
Sepac, Elmira, NY

Linear actuators

mpmn0603p26e.jpgLinear actuators come enclosed in an aluminum box structure that provides a compact envelope incorporating the linear bearing and drive mechanism. Integrating all components into a single unit that includes the motor mount saves assembly time and eliminates the need to source additional parts, according to the company. The actuators offer straight-line accuracy of less than 2 µm and repeatability of less than 1 µm. They deliver 10 million in. of travel at their full load rating.
Del-Tron Precision, Bethel, CT

Piezo motors

mpmn0603p26f.jpgMotors offer linear motion at low power for small portable electronic
products. The SQL-series motors feature a metal and ceramic
construction. The patented ultrasonic motor design has lower power consumption than miniature electromagnetic motors, according to the company, and can hold its position when the power is turned off, further conserving battery life. Standard models are available in 2.4- and 3.4-mm sizes, with customizable shaft lengths and travel ranges.
New Scale Technologies Inc., Victor, NY

Timing belts

mpmn0603p26g.jpgPolyurethane timing belts are reinforced with steel, stainless steel, or Kevlar and come in imperial and metric pitches. The timing belts are open-ended, welded, or truly endless, and are used in conveying, driving, indexing, linear drive, and power transmission applications.
Brecoflex, Eatontown, NJ

Dc micromotor

mpmn0603p26h.jpgA micromotor has an external motor diameter of 10 mm and a length of 24 mm. The Series 1024…S motor features an ironless rotor and neodymium rare earth magnets to achieve a stall torque of 2.89 mN•M and speeds of up to 14,700 rpm. The precious-metal commutation allows operation at low starting voltages due to inherent low contact resistance. The housing of the motor is black to facilitate optimum heat dissipation.
MicroMo Electronics Inc., Clearwater, FL

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