November 1, 2003

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Let's Be Clear

Originally Published MX November/December 2003


halasey.jpgIn his recent speech to the Medical Innovation Summit sponsored by the Cleveland Clinic Foundation, Baxter Healthcare chairman and CEO Harry M. Kraemer, Jr., had a lot to say on the subject of leadership. For sheer breadth of importance, however, one theme seemed especially noteworthy.

Emphasizing the importance of corporate communication, Kraemer noted that executives often assume employees and other stakeholders will figure out on their own what direction a company is taking, and respond appropriately. But the better role of a company leader, he suggested, is to communicate such information clearly and directly, and to dedicate whatever time may be required to do so.

To be effective, Kraemer emphasized, company and industry leaders must have a firm grasp on the basics of management. Leadership by example, an understanding of how to manage people, and the ability to write and communicate, he said, are all more important than industry-specific knowledge.

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