Intelligent Development 4009

May 1, 2006

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Intelligent Development

Originally Published MX May/June 2006


Newly appointed members of the MX editorial advisory board discuss the market data and technological innovations driving the medtech industry.

In the high-stakes realm of medical device development, few moves are made without numbers to back them up. In plotting a company's path as well as its product pipeline, executives rely on market research and business intelligence not only to gauge customer needs, but also to track the progress and course of their competition. Market data derived from multiple sources help companies determine which technologies are ripe for industry adoption—and which need to stay on the vine a while longer.

Just as companies often look to outside experts to guide their growth and development, MX looks to trusted industry professionals to help to steer the overall direction and content of the publication. Throughout 2006, MX is announcing members of its new editorial advisory board. In this issue, MX is pleased to present the newly appointed members of the advisory councils for two areas of critical importance to medtech executives: market intelligence and technology development.

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