Imaging Information and PACS

May 1, 2008

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Imaging Information and PACS


In April 2008, the SecondLook digital computer-aided detection system for mammography, manufactured by iCAD Inc. (Nashua, NH), received FDA approval for sale with Fujifilm computed radiography for mammography (FCRm) systems. The companies report that SecondLook digital for FCRm is the first computer-aided detection product available in the United States for use with computed radiography. Since Fujifilm Medical Systems USA Inc. (Stamford, CT) received FDA approval for FCRm in July 2006, the company has enabled the conversion to digital of nearly 500 mammography exam rooms.

iFit technology by ConforMIS Inc. (Burlington, MA) is a proprietary software-enabled design process that converts computed tomography (CT) and magnetic resonance (MR) data into implants that are precisely sized and shaped to conform to the unique 3-D topography of an individual joint. The image-to-implant process begins when a patient receives a CT or MR scan. ConforMIS's proprietary algorithms are used to convert the imaging data into a 3-D representation of the patient's joint. iFit technology then maps the articular surface of the joint, defines the area of disease, and creates an implant design that is precisely matched to the patient's anatomy. After implant design, iFit technology generates a computer-aided design file with the individualized components. ConforMIS's iJig instrumentation, designed to work with the company's patient-specific implants, replaces multiple trays of instrumentation with a small set of disposable, patient-specific cutting and placement guides. Surface-contour data from the patient's joint ensure that each iJig (pictured) is precisely sized and shaped to match the targeted anatomy in only one location and orientation, simplifying surgical technique and improving reproducibility.

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