Gainsharing Survey Methodology

May 1, 2006

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Gainsharing Survey Methodology

Originally Published MX May/June 2006


The gainsharing study conducted by Market Strategies Inc. (MSI; Livonia, MI) included 30-minute, in-depth telephone interviews with 27 physicians. Among these were interventional cardiologists, electrophysiologists, and cardiac surgeons. Fourteen senior hospital administrators—including chief operating officers, chief financial officers, and vice presidents of cardiac services—were also interviewed.

Of the 41 total interviewees, five physicians and five administrators participate in gainsharing arrangements. Three facilities participating in gainsharing were represented by both a physician and administrator.

To be eligible to participate in the study, physicians were required to be board eligible or certified in cardiology; to have been in practice for more than one and fewer than 30 years, not including residency, internships, and fellowships; to have performed at least 50 procedures in the past 12 months; and to be familiar with the concept of gainsharing arrangements. All respondents were based in the United States, and interviews were conducted during August and September of 2005.

The purpose of the study was to gain an understanding of market attitudes and perceptions surrounding gainsharing. Key topics of discussion included the impact of gainsharing; awareness, perceptions, and attitudes surrounding gainsharing arrangements; current intentions and willingness to participate in gainsharing, including the key influences on these positions; current and past experiences with gainsharing arrangements, including benefits and shortcomings; and outlooks for key stakeholders and the medical device industry.

Qualitative research, such as that conducted in the MSI study, is exploratory in nature. The results are designed to provide insight into key issues that can provide directional guidelines, and can be used to formulate hypotheses for additional market testing via quantitative studies. The results cannot be used to provide estimates of how the marketplace will respond.

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