Building a New Model for Spine Care

Marc R. Viscogliosi

January 1, 2005

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Building a New Model for Spine Care

Originally Published MX January/February 2005


When the dust settles, technologies and procedures for treating spine conditions will look very different.

Marc R. Viscogliosi

Throughout the world, musculoskeletal impairments and conditions are the most frequent causes of disability. Encompassing more than 150 diseases and syndromes, musculoskeletal conditions affect every age and socioeconomic group, and will affect every human being who lives a normal lifespan.

The musculoskeletal business sector as a whole—including all treatment, services, devices, pharmaceuticals, and biologics used to treat the six types of musculoskeletal tissues in the body—represents a market of approximately $350 billion, or roughly 10% of the global healthcare industry.

Figure 1. Composition of the 2004 global market for medical devices in the musculoskeletal sector, by type. Total revenues for 2004 are estimated at $22.4 billion. Source: Viscogliosi Bros. LLC (New York City).(click to enlarge)

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