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Medical Design Excellence Awards 2019 Finalists: Radiological, Imaging, and Electromechanical Devices

The following are the finalists in the Radiological, Imaging, and Electromechanical Devices category.

  • The Radiological, Imaging, and Electromechanical Devices category includes a wide assortment of diagnostics technology. Click next to see the finalists. 

  • LessRay operating room smart imaging platform
    NuVasive’s LessRay is a hospital operating room (OR) smart imaging platform that’s shown to reduce radiation exposure by >75%[1] and enhance OR workflow. The platform integrates with traditional, mobile C-arm imaging systems used to obtain X-ray (fluoroscopic) images during surgery to acquire and improve quality of low-dose X-ray images while improving anatomical visualization.
    Manufacturer: NuVasive
    Supply and Design Credits: Novo Engineering, Spectrum Assembly Inc.

  • Otoscan ear scanning system 
    Otoscan is a digital 3D ear scanning solution that makes digital impressions for custom in-the-ear pieces such as earmoulds and hearing aids. The scanner system transforms images of the ear into 3D digital files that are uploaded to the cloud service, Otocloud, for immediate use in production of custom products. 
    Manufacturer: Otometrics
    Supply and Design Credits: Design Concepts Inc.

  • Rhythmlink Quick Connect System
    Rhythmlink's FDA cleared Quick Connect System is designed to allow EEG electrodes to remain applied when a patient also requires a CT or MRI. This design significantly improves bedside workflow while reducing costs involved in traditional processes where EEG electrodes require removal and reapplication by specialized neurology technologists.
    Manufacturer: Rhythmlink International LLC 

    Rhythmlink International, LLC
  • The Valeda Light Delivery System
    The Valeda Light Delivery System is the first approved treatment for Dry Age-Related Macular Degeneration Using Photobiomodulation. Valeda improves visual acuity, contrast sensitivity and reduces drusen volume.  Valeda is the only photobiomodulation device granted CE Mark Certification for medical claims associated with the treatment of ocular diseases and disorders.
    Manufacturer: LumiThera 
    Supply and Design Credits: Product Creation Studio

  • The WalterLorenz Surgical Assist Arm 
    The WalterLorenz Surgical Assist Arm is a low-profile, high-strength electromechanical “third” arm for surgeons that enables stable positioning and rapid adjusting of instrumentation. This capability has potential to improve surgical exposure, visualization, and intervention, as well as user ergonomics, OR efficiency, and trainee learning across a vast range of procedures.
    Manufacturer: Zimmer Biomet
    Supply and Design Credits: MPR Associates Inc.

    Zimmer Biomet
  • WavelinQ  4F EndoAVF System 
    The WavelinQ 4F EndoAVF System is designed to create an endovascular arteriovenous (AV) Fistula (endoAVF) for hemodialysis access in patients who have chronic kidney disease and need dialysis, using a completely endovascular approach in vessels that are not used during traditional surgical AV fistula creation. 
    Manufacturer: TVA Medical/Becton Dickinson and Company

    TVA Medical
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