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Medical Design Excellence Awards 2019 Finalists: Over-the-Counter and Self-Care Products

The following are the finalists in the Over-the-Counter and Self-Care Devices category.

  • The Over-the-Counter and Self-Care Devices category include a wide assortment of treatments available to patients. Click next to see the finalists.

  • Dr. Brown's Specialty Feeding System
    The Dr. Brown’s Specialty Feeding System is a unique oral feeding solution for infants identified with complex feeding challenges. 
    Manufacturer: Handi-Craft Co.

    Hamdi-Craft Co.
  • Elvie Breast Pump 
    Elvie Pump is the world's first silent wearable breast pump. It is also the world’s smallest, lightest wearable breast pump. It sits discreetly inside a standard nursing bra and silently expresses milk. offering greater mobility and freedom to breast pumping mothers to carry out everyday activities. 
    Manfacturer: Elvie
    Supply and Design Credits: Jabil 

  • gammaCore Sapphire non-invasive vagus nerve stimulator
    gammaCore Sapphire, a non-invasive vagus nerve stimulator (nVNS), prevents cluster attacks and relieves migraine and episodic cluster headache pain. Placed on the neck over the vagus nerve, gammaCore sends an electric current through the skin to the nerve, toward the brain, disrupting processes that cause certain types of pain.
    Manufacturer: electroCore Inc.
    Supply and Design Credits: HS Design Inc. 


    electroCore, Inc.
  • Lumin Bullet 
    Lumin Bullet is a new medical device designed to disinfect and prevent biofilm formation in a CPAP hose.  A thin layer of slime or biofilm begins to form in a CPAP hose from the humidified warm air. Lumin Bullet was designed to provide a fast, safe and healthy  means of disinfecting a CPAP hose.
    Manufacturer: 3B Medical Inc.

    3B Medical Inc.
  • PreLoc Wound Closure Device
    PreLoc is a non-invasive, incrementally-adjustable device that attaches to peri-wound skin and is tightened over time to provide gentle, constant compressive force to increase perfusion and significantly accelerate healing of open/chronic wounds such as diabetic ulcers, dehisced surgical wounds and fasciotomies without the need for costly skin grafts.
    Manufacturer:  ZipLine Medical Inc.

    ZipLine Medical Inc.
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