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Medical Design Excellence Awards 2019 Finalists: Implant and Tissue-Replacement Products

The following are the finalists for the Implant and Tissue-Replacement products category.

  • The Implant and Tissue-Replacement Products category includes the cochlear, corneal, orthopedic, neurological, and tissue implants and instruments. Click next to see the finalists.

  • AiO Block and MDT  
    The innovative AiO and MDT surgical instruments are for use in total knee arthroplasty. The unique design has the potential to help the surgeons with precise cutting. The modularity and disposable features reduce the number of instrument trays needed in surgery, thereby saving costs related to instrument turnover and sterilization.
    Manufacturer: United Orthopedic Corp.

    United Orthopedic Corp.
  • DynaClip Bone Fixation System
    The DynaClip Bone Fixation System is an innovative bone staple system, manufactured out of superelastic nickel titanium (NiTiNOL), that provides dynamic post-operative compression and reliable durability to withstand the demanding loading conditions in the foot and ankle.
    Manufacturer: MedShape Inc.
    Supply and Design Credits: Enginuity Works Corporation,  Creature LLC 

    MedShape Inc.
  • Expedium Advance Reduction Derotation System
    Expedium Advance Reduction Derotation System is a streamlined instrument set designed to facilitate rod reduction and/or vertebral body derotation when using Expedium 5.5 Spine System. The system features a secure Reducer-to-Screw locking feature, smaller instrument profile, and combined rod reduction and derotation design to eliminate the need for multiple instrument passes.
    Manufacturers: DePuy Synthes/J&J Medical Devices Companies

    DePuy Synthes/J&J Medical Devices Companies
  • Genesys Spine AIS-C Stand Alone System 
    The Genesys Spine AIS-C Stand Alone System is a first of its kind, non-screw based, zero-profile, direct-anterior stand-alone interbody system for the cervical spine.  
    Genesys Spine

    Genesys Spine
  • Viper Prime System
    Viper Prime System provides a novel technique for placing percutaneous pedicle screws during minimally invasive spinal fusion surgery, eliminating the need for guidewires, Jamshidi needles or pedicle preparation instruments. Surgeons can target pedicles and insert screws in one instrument pass for improved OR efficiency, enhanced procedure flow, and streamlined instrument use.
    Manufacturers: DePuy Synthes/J&J Medical Devices Companies

    DePuy Synthes/J&J Medical Devices Companies
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