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Medical Design Excellence Awards 2019 Finalists: ER and OR Tools, Equipment, and Supplies

The following are the finalists in the ER and OR Tools, Equipment, and Supplies category.

  • The following are the finalists for the ER and OR Tools, Equipment, and Supplies product category.

  • CrossBow Fascial Closure System with Adaptor
    The CrossBow with Adaptor is intended for the closing of trocar wounds following laparoscopic surgery. The system has three basic components: (1) a suture passer, (2) a guide with two deployable snare loops used to secure and retrieve the free ends of passed suture, and (3) an accessory Adaptor for use with enlarged defects.
    Manufacturer: Suture Ease Inc.
    Supply and Design Credits: Coastline International, ROA Pacific

    Suture Ease Inc.
  • Fluent Fluid Management System 
    The Fluent Fluid Management System is intended to provide liquid distension of the uterus during diagnostic and operative hysteroscopy and to monitor the volume differential between the irrigation fluid flowing into and out of the uterus while providing drive, control and suction for hysteroscopic morcellators.
    Manufacturer: Hologic Inc.
    Supply and Design Credits: Manta Product Development Inc., Proven Process Medical Devices Inc. 

    Hologic Inc.
  • The Levita Magnetic Surgical System
    The Levita Magnetic Surgical System magnetically grasps and retracts tissue through the abdominal wall in laparoscopic-surgical-procedures, eliminating dedicated incisions for instruments and reducing the number of incisions required to complete the procedure. Besides reducing the number of incisions, this shaftless technology also improves access and visualization of the surgical site.
    Manufacturer: Levita Magnetics
    Supply and Design Credits: Beacon Launch Partners LLC

    Levita Magnetics
  • The MOSES Holmium Laser Technology
    The MOSES Technology is a breakthrough solution enhancing the efficiency of urinary stones and enlarged prostate treatments. MOSES provides surgeons with more control over the procedure, resulting in 20% faster surgeries, 25% reduction in lasing time, 60% enhanced control, and more precise removal of urinary stones and excessive prostate tissue.
    Manufacturer: Lumenis Ltd.

    Lumenis Ltd.
  • Myocardial Protection System - MPS 3
    MPS 3 enables a variety of myocardial protection strategies via control and flexibility over all elements of composition, distribution, temperature and safety. The system allows users to customize Cardioplegia solutions delivery by varying blood/crystalloid ratios, drug delivery, flow, pressure regulation, and temperature control. The new controller allows data capture and analytics.
    Manufacturer: Quest Medical Inc.
    Supply and Design Credits: HCL Technologies 

    Quest Medical
  • Stryker MultiGen 2 Radiofrequency Generator
    The Stryker MultiGen 2 radiofrequency generator is utilized for the coagulation of soft tissues in orthopedic, spinal, and neurosurgical application. It provides pain relief via denervation of peripheral nerves of the spine. Examples include, but are not limited to: facet denervation, trigeminus neuralgia, peripheral neuralgia, and rhizotomy.
    Manufacturer: Stryker Instruments
    Supply and Design Credits: UE Group

    Stryker Instruments
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