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MD&M East Supplier Focus: Portescap

Portescap's 22ECS45 ULTRA EC is a memter of the company's Ultra EC series of brushless DC motors
Portescap's 22ECS45 ULTRA EC is a member of the company's Ultra EC series of brushless DC motors.

Motor specialist Portescap (West Chester, PA) is featuring its Ultra EC brushless DC motors at MD&M East.

Brian Buntz

"The Ultra EC brushless motors offer greater power density and run much cooler than equivalent motors utilizing the patented EC coil," explains the company's program manager Dave Beckstoffer.

The motor, which is featured at Booth #935 at the show, can be used for applications requiring frequent quick accelerations to a given high motor speed. "Its advanced thermal properties are specifically suited for applications in controlled environments where the air around the motor must stay as cool as possible, or when the motor is mounted into a handheld tool," Beckstoffersays. "Innovations include shrinking the overall package size of many devices as well as enabling cooler operation for handheld devices."

In the following Q&A, we ask Beckstoffer for his thoughts regarding trends in the medical device industry and to share the technology he's most excited about.


Qmed: How do you see the demands of medical device manufacturers changing in 2015?

Beckstoffer: Medical device manufacturers will continue to push the envelope of motion performance to enable higher quality and more capable devices. Advancements in the medical field constantly require new technology introduction in devices and cooperation with motion control suppliers is critical to ensure those advancements can translate into the new devices. Joint engineering projects will continue to evolve as we move forward in 2015 and beyond.

Qmed: What are the major challenges you're seeing in the broader healthcare or manufacturing ecosystem?

Beckstoffer: Challenges in the manufacturing ecosystem include maintaining a supply chain that can meet our precision demands. Technology advancements in design must be supported by suppliers that can keep up with those design improvements, specifically in the precision of miniature components. Holding tight tolerances is a key ingredient in satisfying the design demands.

Qmed: What are you most excited about technologically?

Beckstoffer: The miniaturization and mobilization of devices is most exciting in technology advancement. Being able to bring medicine to the far reaches of the world in an easier fashion will enable a healthier human race. The ability to diagnose and treat patients outside of a typical office environment brings a new life to the world of medicine.

Learn more about the medical device industry at MD&M East in New York City, June 9-11, 2015.
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