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MD&M East Supplier Focus: Nordson EFD

EV SeriesAt Booth #2015 at MD&M East, Nordson EFD is displaying its new EV Series, which features its intuitive vision-guided DispenseMotion software and a simple pencil camera. Designed to make the automated dispensing system quick to set up, the system offers true three-dimensional control to facilitate easy programming of dots, lines, circles, arcs, and compound arcs. "Precise, accurate, repeatable placement of fluid on components improves final product quality, increases yield, and reduces waste and rejects," says the company's marketing specialist Natalie Tomasso.

In the Q&A below, the company's marketing specialist Tomasso shares her thoughts on the technology she is most excited about that is relevant to medtech companies.

Qmed: How do you see the demands of medical device manufacturers changing in 2015?

Tomasso: Smaller, more sophisticated devices present significant demands for medical device manufacturers. We see that trend continuing in 2015 and into the future. Also, the pressure to improve productivity and process control, and the flexibility to manage many different types of applications are a few changes we've witnessed this year.

Qmed: What are the major challenges you're seeing in the broader healthcare or manufacturing ecosystem?

Tomasso: The main challenge really is the ability to stay ahead of the pace of change. It requires a higher level of flexibility and responsiveness in manufacturing processes, and therefore, the equipment used in those processes.

Qmed: What are you most excited about technologically?

Tomasso: More medical device manufacturers automating their manual fluid dispensing applications and the new possibilities wearables represent.

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