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Medical Design Excellence Awards 2018 Finalists: Over-the-Counter and Self-Care Products

The following are the finalists in the Over-the-Counter and Self-Care Devices category.

  • The Over-the-Counter and Self-Care Devices category include a wide assortment of treatments available to patients. Click next to see the finalists.

  • MediClear PreOp
    MediClear PreOp is a dual antimicrobial self-adherent silicone film drape for preoperative skin. Worn prior to surgery to cover and protect the incision site, chlorhexidine and silver-embedded silicone adhesive provide constant broad-spectrum antimicrobial protection, while its transparent polyurethane backing acts as a barrier to external sources of contamination. 
    Manufacturer: Covalon Technologies Ltd. 
    Supply and Design Credits: Covalon Technologies Ltd. 

    Covalon Technologies Ltd.
  • ZipStitch
    The ZipStitch wound closure device is available without a prescription and allows for the treatment of minor cuts and lacerations in seconds with no needle or stitches.
    Manufacturer: ZipLine Medical Inc.

    ZipLine Medical Inc.
  • Willow Breast Pump
    Willow is an all-in-one breast pump that fits inside a bra. It was designed to be mobile, discreet, and hands-free.
    Manufacturer: Willow
    Supply and Design Credits: IDEO 

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