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Maxon Precision Motors Releases Right-Angle Gearheads


A manufacturer of motion-control products for the medical industry has released a line of 22-mm and 32-mm right-angle gearheads developed to provide an adjustable 360˚ right-angle output. The gearheads incorporate Spiroid technology, which offers high torque transmission, high stiffness, and low deflection with large applied loads, compact size, low backlash, and quiet operation. The output shaft can be oriented 360˚ at any time and absolute output shaft position is achievable with an encoder mounting option. The gearheads have a contact ratio of up to 3:1 and are available in back-drivable (4:1) and nonback drivable (31:1) versions that may be mounted directly onto many of the company’s brushed and brushless motors or stacked on different ratios of its GP22 and GP32 planetary gearheads, resulting in a range of achievable gear reductions. 
Fall River, MA


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