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Supplier Stories for the Week of November 3

United Soft Plastics (USP) has announced the opening of a new 10 million lb production facility in Houston for thermoplastic elastomers (TPE).  Complementing USP’s existing facility in Lawrenceville, GA, the new plant taps new compounding equipment to expand production of its broad portfolio of thermoplastic elastomers including traditional SEBS-based TPE, TPO, TPU, and special products such as acrylic-based TPE compounds.“This investment reaffirms our continued commitment to the engineering TPE plastics market in the U.S., Mexico, and also outside of the Americas,” stated Benedict Herbst, executive vice president of USP, in a news release. “The expansion of our manufacturing assets will play a key role in meeting the application development needs of our customers and further unlock new business opportunities and maintain our superior customer response time.” The new manufacturing facility will run a twin-screw extrusion system furnished by KraussMaffei Berstorff along with an underwater pelletizer from Nordson. The nearly 20,000-sq-ft facility is also equipped with testing equipment and a fully equipped laboratory.USP has performed extensive product development work and now offers a broad portfolio of TPE products. Offerings now include materials developed to meet special regulatory requirements within the FDA, EU food contact, and NSF. The additional capacity will also allow USP's existing plant in Georgia to further focus on specialized product development and creating cutting-edge solutions for its customers, the company reported.The new plant also positions the company closer to raw material hubs and high-volume customer accounts in Mexico, the Southwest United States, and Asia. [Image courtesy of UNITED SOFT PLASTICS]
Here’s what was new in the world of medical device suppliers during the week of November 3.
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