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Looking for Medtech Innovation? Let Our Tour Inspire You

Developing a medical device and looking to take it to the next level? Join our tour of the MD&M Minneapolis show floor to meet the top medtech innovators in the industry. Below we share the five MD&M Minneapolis exhibitors selected for the tour by the MD+DI editorial team.

  • Our Medtech Innovation Tour of these five innovative companies will take place at MD&M Minneapolis on November 9 from 1 to 2 pm CST. To join the tour, please meet Editor Daphne Allen at Booth #1953, where you'll be given a headset and tour map. Please arrive at least 5 minutes before the tour starts.

  • Noble S.T.E.A.L.T.H, an athermal laser machining process, was developed to create precise features in any material, including bioabsorbable polymers, shape memory metals, and other exotic alloys. It is an ultrashort pulse (USP) laser that does not generate any heat-affected zone (HAZ). It can reduce—and in some cases eliminate—costly deburring and post-processing steps, increasing both product quality and yield. The company integrates and develops its own proprietary laser machining technologies, which enables it to provide the most efficient manufacturing processes required to help customers bring innovative products to market. Visit Norman Noble Inc. at Booth #2123

    Norman Noble Inc.
  • The single-use liquid flow sensor LD20 is based on CMOSens Technology and microthermal measurement principle. In infusion applications, the LD20 enables fast and reliable detection of failure modes like occlusion, air-in-line, or free flow. To achieve thermal flow measurement, a heating element on the microchip introduces a minimal amount of heat into the medium. Two temperature sensors measure the smallest temperature differences and deliver information on heat propagation, which directly depends on flow velocity. The integration into one single chip ensures that the sensitive analog sensor signals can be amplified, digitized, and processed with high precision but without interference. The measurement principle of mass flow meters allows to measure extremely low flow rates that are typical for medical devices. Directly integrated into the infusion set, the sensors measure flow rates in tubing in real time, thereby ensuring reliability for infusion therapies. Flow sensors provide the opportunity to increase the safety and well-being of patients, ease the workloads of nursing staff, and reduce healthcare costs. Visit Sensirion Inc. at Booth #2416

    Sensirion Inc.
  • The Force Fiber Fusion Suture integrates the performance characteristics of two suture constructs (flat and round) into one strand. The flat center section of Force Fiber OrthoTape Braid has a broad footprint for a uniform level of pressure over the surface area. It gently contours and lays flat against the surface. Round-end segments of Force Fiber Suture are constructed with the company's patented, coreless braid. This creates a low knot profile that allows precise knot placement and a smooth tie down. Fusion Suture is strong, lubricious, durable, and it has a silk-like feel that is gentle on tissue and gloves. It is braided using a proprietary, continuous process, and there are seamless transitions between the round and flat segments. There are look-alike products on the market but they are simply round sutures “sewn” onto a flat segment, the company states. Custom patterns can be developed for specific applications, and round and flat section lengths can be customized upon request. Visit Teleflex Medical OEM at Booth #1816

    Teleflex Medical OEM
  • FUTEK’s IDC305 is a digital amplifier and controller for full-bridge strain gauge sensors. As the sensor operates, the IDC305 reads in the signal output from the sensor. The IDC305 then converts and makes the sensor signal available over an SPI interface, analog voltage output, and USB, enabling the unit to operate with both legacy and modern hardware. To complete the system, multipoint calibration data is stored within the IDC305, maximizing the accuracy of the system. The IDC305, when paired with a sensor, provides a complete measurement solution with a wide range of calibrated signal outputs. The design and calibration of a digital amplifier have traditionally been left to the system builder/OEM. These players would not only have to design a system from scratch, they would also have to design calibration regimes for their hardware to maximize accuracy, FUTEK reports. This represents a large amount of time and money devoted to the design and testing of one component. Incorporating and pairing the IDC305 digital amplifier and controller with a full-bridge strain gauge sensor simplifies the design process for the OEM while providing an accurate calibrated SPI, analog voltage, and USB output. Visit FUTEK at Booth #1008

  • Vida 4.0 is a plug-in data feature for new and existing hardware. It comes in a range of stand-alone and embedded solutions providing a data-capture capability to allow sharing, transferring, management, and printing of data generated by a device. The feature can also be used on existing devices to upgrade connectivity without having to re-certify the device, saving costs. The IoT-enabled system generates and captures bar codes. There are products in the market similar to Vida 4.0, the company states, but the most distinguishing feature of Vida is that Martel can customize it to exact user specifications. Visit Martel Instruments Ltd. at Booth #2430

    Martel Instruments Ltd.


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