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Y-Combinator is Betting on These 7 Medtech Startups in 2014 - Bikanta

 Y-Combinator is Betting on These 7 Medtech Startups in 2014 - Bikanta


Bikanta is using innovative nanotechnology to improve cancer detection. By crushing imperfect diamonds into dust, the company creates “nanodiamonds” that, once injected, create a flourescent, reflective light that can be used to find molecular abnormalities like cancer, even at very early stages and in deep tissue. The company is also designing novel image scanners and microscopes that will take advantage of the nanodiamonds' sensitivity to magnetic fields to create better visualizations in the body. Bikanta has already used the technology to visualize lymph nodes that were invisible in conventional imaging—a first step to being able to detect early-stage cancer cells.
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