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Qiagen To Unveil 2 Liquid Biopsy Tests at AACR

PublicDomainPictures Qiagen To Unveil 2 Liquid Biopsy Tests at AACR
Qiagen has developed liquid biopsy panels for prostate and lung cancer and is set to introduce the products at the American Association for Cancer Research annual meeting this week.

Liquid biopsy is one of the hottest sectors in diagnostics. The space generates significant interest from investors and at times can command billions in funding. The space has been a hotbed for activity in recent years.

Qiagen is adding two new additions to the liquid biopsy space through its AdnaTest ProstateCancerPanel AR-V7 Kit and AdnaTest LungCancer Kit. The Hildern, Germany-based company said it will introduce both the at the American Association for Cancer Research annual meeting.

The new AdnaTests build on Qiagen’s AdnaTest Combination of Combinations Principle technology, a highly specific immunomagnetic cell-selection system for enriching circulating tumor cells (CTCs) from peripheral blood that allows sensitive analysis of cancer-associated gene expression.

The  AdnaTest ProstateCancerPanel AR-V7 Kit provides new insights into tumor biology by detecting the androgen receptor splice variant 7 in CTCs of prostate tumor origin isolated from blood samples to investigate potential resistance to drugs for advanced prostate cancer.

With an exclusive worldwide license from Johns Hopkins University for nucleic acid detection of the AR-V7 biomarker for diagnostic use, Qiagen is now launching the test for research use.

“We are excited to collaborate with the cancer research community at AACR 2018 in driving innovative science to fulfill the hope of improving patient care. Our AdnaTest liquid biopsy-based portfolio now offers molecular characterization in leading cancers with insights into tumor biology, pathways, relevant biomarkers, cancer progression and even resistance to therapy,” Thomas Schweins, Senior Vice President and head of Qiagen’s Life Sciences Business Area, said in a release. “Abstracts being presented at AACR feature dozens of novel solutions from our Sample to Insight portfolio for discovery research and clinical development, with promise for transforming the future of cancer care.”

Recently, Qiagen made a bold move and moved into the prenatal testing market through a $40 million collaboration with Natera. The assays will analyze non-invasive maternal blood samples and reflect the power of liquid biopsy to gain insights.

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