IVD companies need to develop connected devices to help patients doing self-testing at home stay connected to their physicians thereby driving down the cost of care.

October 25, 2013

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Connectivity and mHealth Need to be Adopted by IVD Companies

In a world where driving down the cost of healthcare is key, IVD companies need to partner with mHealth companies to develop more connected diagnostic devices.

That is the advice of Kent Dicks, CEO of Alere Connect. Dicks founded MedApps, which became a provider of comprehensive remote-monitoring tools before being acquired by Alere. The company uses a cloud platform to collect data from a whole host of devices at home - including self-testing diagnostic tools like anticoagulant devices and glucose meters - and makes that available to physicians and nurses who can take action based on the collected data.

"These devices from IVD vendors need to have connectivity to get the data to the EMRs seamlessly," he says. "You have to do that whether the device is in the hospital or in the home. You have to get the data to a central location."

Dicks added that Alere Connect's informatics division talks to almost 200 different devices.

"The benefit is that if they are a connected device and there are better outcomes that are being proved with it, the device will probably be used more often," he said.

It's not just volume of usage will go up.

"Reimbursement in the future is also set up for connectivity," he notes. "Especially if you are using meaningful use 2, and if data can flow directly into an health information exchange (HIE) especially or a central repository, then the services are most likely to be reimbursed. ACOs will be dealing with patients and with less resources they are going to rely more on technology to keep patients healthy. The back end therefore requires automation and connectivity."

Dicks will be a speaker discussing the convergence of IVD and mobile technologies at the IVD Business Strategy Conference in San Diego, Nov.8. 

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-- By Arundhati Parmar, Senior Editor, MD+DI
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