Inside View of a Medical Device Micropump

Micropumps are part of the panoply of medical device technologies that are enabling the trend toward miniaturization. A case in point is the mp6 diaphragm micropump from Bartels Mikrotechnik GmbH (Dortmund, Germany). Used in drug-delivery and infusion-pump applications, the pump transports tiny amounts of gases or liquids. Because of its flat form factor, the piezoelectric diaphragm micropump can be designed into wearable medical devices.

In addition to its small form factor, however, the micropump is nonmagnetic. Free of magnetic components, the unit can be used in implantable medical device applications because it can undergo nuclear magnetic resonance and other magnet-based imaging procedures.

The following video details how the mp6 micropump works.


Bob Michaels is senior technical editor at UBM Canon.

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