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Ivantis In Another Patent Lawsuit … This Time with Sight Sciences - IMG_Sep172021at14806PM.jpg
The lawsuit comes on the heels of Glaukos and Ivantis settling a patent spat regarding MIGS technology.

Shortly after settling a patent lawsuit with Glaukos, Ivantis finds itself in yet legal spat relating to its minimally invasive glaucoma surgery technology.

Sight Sciences said it has filed a patent lawsuit against the Irvine, CA-based company seeking an injunction to prevent the infringing manufacture, use and sale of the Hydrus Microstent.

In addition, Menlo Park, CA-based Sight Sciences is seeking money damages for past infringement. 

The specific claims of infringement are around patent numbers 8,287,482, 9,370,443, 9,486,361, and 10,314,742. These patents describe and claim devices and methods for reducing intraocular pressure in the eye.

Sight Sciences has developed the OMNI Surgical System is a MIGS device indicated to reduce intraocular pressure in adult patients with primary open-angle glaucoma (POAG).

Late last month the company reported study, showing two-year outcomes of the company’s Omni Surgical System, was published in Clinical Ophthalmology.

The data show the safety, efficacy, and durability of the effect of the Omni for use in standalone procedures to reduce in intraocular pressure and medication burden.

Just a few days ago it was revealed that Ivantis would pay Glaukos $60 million to settle their three-year dispute.

The settlement also called for Ivantis to pay Glaukos a 10% ongoing royalty through April 26, 2025, based on Ivantis’ Hydrus Microstent U.S. sales and any international sales supplied out of the U.S. Further, the parties have agreed to mutual licenses and covenants not to sue on the Hydrus and iStent technologies.

The settlement comes on the heels of severe reimbursement cuts in the glaucoma space, Ryan Zimmerman, an analyst with BTIG said in a report.

“With the settlement, we think that a more rational market environment may be emerging, with the understanding that fighting for share in the face of drastic reimbursement cuts isn't a path to value-creation,” Zimmerman said in a report.

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