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CareDx Expands Digital Portfolio with Transplant Hero Acquisition IMG_Jun82021at35347PM.jpg
The acquisition continues the trend of upward mobility CareDx has experienced in recent months.

CareDx is expanding its digital portfolio for patients and transplant centers through a new acquisition. The South San Francisco, CA-based company said it is acquiring Transplant Hero, a provider of mobile applications for the transplant industry.

New York-based Transplant Hero has developed a smartphone app focused on helping transplant patients manage their medications through alarms and interactive logging of medication events. The app offers support to various types of organ recipients, including kidney, heart, lung, liver, pancreas, and small bowel.

“CareDx and Transplant Hero are both dedicated to improving outcomes for transplant patients,” said Reg Seeto, President and CEO, CareDx. “Transplant Hero’s easy-to-use interface and transplant focus allows us to expand into different organs. We will be able to leverage Transplant Hero’s well-established social media presence to augment AlloCare which has been built around patients from kidney transplant centers.”

CareDx has prided itself as being innovative and on the cutting edge. In 2019, the company brought artificial intelligence to the transplant market through a partnership with Cibiltech. Cibiltech designed Predigraft, a data analysis tool designed to provide an early prediction of a patient's risk of allograft rejection and transplant loss. 

At the beginning of the pandemic, the company revealed its plan to bring home-based monitoring to transplant patients. The firm launched its RemoTrac, a remote home-based blood draw solution, that uses mobile phlebotomy for AlloSure and AlloMap surveillance tests, and other standard monitoring tests.

In addition to launching RemoTrac, CareDx is also supporting the patients by running a COVID-19 transplant registry through its OttrCare platform called C19TxR. With the COVID-19 pandemic, there is limited data on the impact on immunosuppressed transplant recipients who acquire the disease.

CareDx hard work paid off as it saw revenue grow about 51% in 2020.

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