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Abbott Snags Eterna SCS FDA GreenlightAbbott Snags Eterna SCS FDA Greenlight

The system is the smallest implantable and rechargeable SCS available on the market for chronic pain.

Katie Hobbins

December 20, 2022

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Abbott has obtained FDA clearance of its Eterna spinal cord stimulation (SCS) system for the treatment of chronic pain. The system is the smallest implantable, rechargeable SCS — thin wires placed between the spinal cord and vertebrae and an implant placed under the skin in the lower back — currently available on the market for this purpose, according to the company.

Eterna SCS uses Abbott’s proprietary low-dose BurstDR stimulation. BurstDR mimics natural firing patterns found in the brain to reduce pain 23% more than traditional “tingling” tonic stimulation and is preferred by 87% of patients. Additionally, the company designed the system to only have to be recharged less than five times a year under normal use, making it the lowest recharge platform on the market. Eterna is paired with Abbott’s new Xtend energy technology to wirelessly charge the device.

"Abbott's low-dose BurstDR stimulation is clinically proven to reduce pain, improve people's ability to perform everyday activities, and reduce emotional suffering associated with pain," said Timothy Deer, MD, DABPM, president and CEO of the Spine and Nerve Centers of the Virginias in Charleston, WV. "Until now, it wasn't available on a rechargeable device that was this small, and that only needs to be charged a few times a year. This makes a big difference in comfort for many patients who now can have access to the best of both worlds — a small, best-in-class rechargeable device with superior stimulation therapy."

Patients with Eterna implants are still able to undergo MRI scans, a much need diagnostic and healthcare tool for those experiencing chronic pain, as the device uses TotalScan MRI technology. Continued advancements in SCS therapy will not mean replacing implants, the company noted, highlighting that Eterna can adapt to future innovation without implant replacement. Additionally, Abbott’s patient-focused ISO mobile app updates users with real-time battery life and charging status of the system on a personal or company-provided Apple device.

"At Abbott, we deliver products and solutions with the goal of simplifying healthcare, improving clinical outcomes and providing people suffering from chronic pain with the best experience possible," said Pedro Malha, vice president of neuromodulation at Abbott. “As we progress on this commitment, Eterna is the next major leap forward. Eterna is the smallest rechargeable spinal cord stimulator on the market, provides the longest therapy between charges and offers an optimized recharging experience — all key features when selecting the best overall system.” 

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