How Stressful Are Jobs in Medtech?

The website Business Insider named biomedical engineers and other positions in medtech among jobs that offer high pay and low stress. What do you think?

Many jobs are stressful, but according to one article, a number of positions in the medtech industry offer employees a good balance of high pay and low stress.

The website Business Insider analyzed salary data from the U.S. Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics and stress tolerance rankings (a measure of how important it is for employees with that job to accept criticism and deal calmly and effectively with high-stress situations) from O*NET Online to compile a list of 32 occupations that offer the benefits of high compensation and relatively low stress. Among the jobs that made the list were several positions in the medtech industry, including the following:

  • Chemical engineers (stress tolerance: 71/average annual salary: $103,960)
  • Medical scientists (stress tolerance: 71/average annual salary: $79,370)
  • Microbiologists (stress tolerance: 71/average annual salary: $76,230)
  • Computer hardware engineers (stress tolerance: 67/average annual salary: $114,970)
  • Applications software developer: (stress tolerance: 65/average annual salary: $102,160)
  • Biomedical engineers (stress tolerance: 61/average annual salary: $91,230)
  • Materials engineers (stress tolerance: 61/average annual salary: $94,690)
  • Materials scientists (stress tolerance 53/average annual salary: $94,940)

Overall, medtech professionals do enjoy some pretty nice perks. The median salary in the industry reached $116,000 last year, with bonuses of $11,000, according to MD+DI’s 2017 Medtech Salary Survey. Job satisfaction among respondents was nearly 4 on a scale of five, and medtech employees report working a manageable median of 45 hours per week.

But are jobs in medtech really relatively low stress? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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Low stress? Not really in my world.
All jobs are very stressfull in our nation, because of pollution, food. <a href=""/>google</a>
<a href="">google</a>
Depends where you work and even in the function that you work in. I work at Notified Body and the stress level is beyond human tolerance.