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Film and sheet downstream system developed

Film and sheet downstream system developed. Compounding, devolatilizing, and reactive extrusion can be achieved with a new three-roll-stack film and sheet downstream system. The system, offered by American Leistritz Extruder Corp. (Somerville, NJ; 908/685-2333), is designed for use with the ZSE 27-mm high-speed twin-screw extruder, and produces 5–125-mil-thick samples up to 12 in. wide. Eight-inch diameter, 14-in.

spiral-baffled mirror-finish rolls are used with rotary unions for liquid cooling
or heating. The system has a 3-hp ac flux vector motor drive with a 1000:1 turndown
ratio and 500-pound-per-linear-inch nip pressure from the air cylinders. Also
available are optional items including a gear pump front-end attachment, edge-trim
devices, payoff stations for lamination, winder or guillotine, and coextrusion

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