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Wearable to Be Developed for Ketamine Delivery

Image courtesy of Stevanato Group SG EZ-be Pod Stevanato Group
Bexson Biomedical and Stevanato Group will team up for a programmable wearable that provides subcutaneous ketamine delivery.

SG EZ-be Pod, a wearable device platform developed by Stevanato Group, will be customized to deliver Bexson Biomedical Inc.’s proprietary ketamine formulation, BB106, for which post-operative pain is the lead indication. Ketamine is currently delivered by doctors through in-office infusions, and healthcare providers have been limited in their ability to send patients home with ketamine, the companies reported in a news release. Bexson’s BB106 delivered subcutaneously through a wearable could provide a new solution. 

“In the midst of a pandemic health crisis and evidence of increasing opioid addiction and overdoses, there has never been a greater need for effective non-opioid pain management. Stevanato Group has the ideal technology to deliver Bexson’s BB106 subcutaneous ketamine formulation,” explained Gregg Peterson, Bexson’s Co-Founder and CEO, in the news release. “And beyond pain management, this partnership will create a true ketamine delivery platform that can be leveraged for a large number of future indications.”

Added Mauro Stocchi, chief business officer of Stevanato Group: “We look forward to working with Bexson to ensure that our award-winning SG EZ-be Pod device is ideally suited to the needs of their patients. Now, more than ever, we need to enable patients to take their medications inside the comfort of their homes or while outside performing their daily activities.”

Bexson and the Stevanato Group will collaborate to customize the wearable and programmable SG EZ-be Pod, which the group said is designed “to enable dynamic and convenient subcutaneous delivery for patients.” Stevanato Group offers experience in contract manufacturing and medical device innovation. “This design will support patient comfort with a discreet and intuitive device, and by utilizing our patented technologies, we address the importance of sustainability, while minimizing the overall cost per treatment,” explained Steven Kaufman, vice-president of drug delivery systems, Stevanato Group, in the release. “This agreement with Bexson is a step forward for our device portfolio strategy and ongoing efforts to work closely with biotech and pharmaceutical companies as an integrated solution provider.”

In 2019, Stevanato Group was honored at Pharmapack Europe with a ‘Best Innovation in Drug Delivery Device’ award for a cartridge-based wearable device.

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