Virtual Engineering Week: Session Spotlight

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November 23, 2020

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Virtual Engineering Week: Session Spotlight

We've cruised the agenda for Virtual Engineering Week and thought we'd spotlight just a few of the tracks and sessions we're most excited about.

Medtech Mornings

Using an AI-powered virtual platform, Medtech Mornings at Virtual Engineering Week is more than a video conference call. It’s a five-day virtual learning experience packed with sessions on the hottest topics in medtech. Digital health? Check. 3D printing? Check. Smart manufacturing? Check.
Each day kicks off with a keynote from industry experts like Stryker's Naomi Murray, PhD and Mayo Clinic's Mark Wehde, followed by a series of sessions like "How to use Next-Gen Materials in Medical Design" and "How Has the Pandemic Affected Adoption of 3D Printing in Medtech?"

Two words: Artificial Intelligence

As the healthcare world continues to embrace the digital health revolution, artificial intelligence continues to be front and center. AI is likely to come up early and often during the week-long virtual event, with six sessions dedicated to the topic. These sessions cover a diverse range of AI-related issues, including regulatory concerns associated with AI, and valuable knowledge about what sets AI software development apart from traditional software development.

Next-gen Technologies

This session caught our attention because it touches on three things medtech engineering types love to talk about: miniaturization, wearables, and implantables. Led by Dr. Patrick Ganzer (principal research scientist for consumer, industrial, and medical products at Battelle) and Dr. Jonathan Reeder  (assistant professor at the University of Oregon), this session will investigate how miniaturization has enabled new or improved options for wearable and implantable devices.

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