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Medtronic's New Diabetes App Is Next-Level Personalized Care Pixabay

Medtronic's New Diabetes App Is Next-Level Personalized Care

Medtronic said its relationship with Nutrino's FoodPrint will leverage food data analytics across its diabetes portfolio.

Diabetes is among the most data-intensive chronic conditions that exist today, which is why so many digital health technology companies are clamoring to be part of the solution for the millions of people living with the condition. 

And as MD+DI explored earlier this year, one of the keys to succeeding in the diabetes device space is a readiness to innovate. Also, a keen eye for strategic partnerships is a big plus. Medtronic has proved time after time that it is capable of both, and its partnership with Tel Aviv, Israel-based Nutrino is the latest example of that.

Medtronic updated its iPro2 myLog app with FoodPrint report. The iPro2 myLog app is designed to give clinics a simple way to import patients' logged data during their professional iPro2 continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) evaluation. With the addition of Nutrino's FoodPrint report, patients' meals are graded based on their body's unique glucose reaction, making it easy for them to understand the link between meals and glucose variability, the company said.

The iPro2 myLog app, now powered by Nutrino, an artificial intelligence personalized nutrition analysis platform, is used during a professional iPro2 CGM evaluation for the patient to log their blood glucose, food, and activity. Patients are able to log what they eat simply by taking a photo of each meal and snack. After the six-day CGM evaluation, the information from the app is synchronized with sensor glucose data and creates two unique reports, the Pattern Snapshot report and, now, the FoodPrint report. 

The Pattern Snapshot report shows critical glucose information such as time in target glucose range, identified patterns of glucose variability, and a clear graph of the full glucose tracing. The FoodPrint report shows pictures of meals taken for breakfast, lunch and dinner and grades each meal (A, B, C, D, or F) based on the body's glucose reaction. Together these reports help the physician and the patient work together to develop a personalized therapy and treatment plan.

"By making it easier to communicate relevant, personal insights about food's impact on diabetes, Medtronic arms physicians and diabetes educators with a powerful coaching tool that will help drive positive behavior change," said Sheri Dodd, vice president and general manager for non-intensive diabetes therapies at Medtronic. "Our partnership with Nutrino to infuse more detail about diet's impact on glucose furthers our goal to make glucose a vital sign in the treatment of diabetes."

Recognizing the important and intertwined impact that food has on diabetes, Medtronic has expanded its partnership with Nutrino. After two years of successful partnering and results, this expanded relationship will embed food data and FoodPrint insights across all the company's diabetes group businesses.

"We are proud to partner with Medtronic to deliver insights through the FoodPrint report, which can help people across the diabetes spectrum to better understand their responses to particular foods," said Yael Glassman, CEO of Nutrino Health. "We're confident that the addition of FoodPrint into the iPro2 professional CGM evaluation will have a positive impact for individuals living with Type 2 diabetes."

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