November 1, 2003

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In the Pipeline

Originally Published MX November/December 2003


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The IP Battleground

Medtech companies frequently live and die according to the strength of their ability to innovate—to develop new products that can be readily adopted into clinical practice. Few events are more likely to undermine those abilities than protracted IP litigation such as that in which Medinol has become embroiled since 2001.

In spite of such obstacles, Medinol has continued to press ahead with its product development activities, filling its pipeline with stents designed for a variety of applications. The latest version of the company's coronary stent, called Nirflex, is available in Europe and undergoing clinical trials around the world. A version of the stent called Nirside flex, designed for use in bifurcated coronary arteries, is also under development.

0311x22c.jpgMedinol is also conducting extensive research into other stent applications, including those for peripheral, neurovascular, and renal use. A number of such products are currently in various stages of clinical trials.

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