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Current Health Forms Alliance with BARDA to Monitor COVID-19 Patients

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The Edinburgh, Scotland-based company entered into a similar agreement with Mayo Clinic shortly after the pandemic struck the U.S.

Current Health is in a new collaboration with the Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority (BARDA) that is sure to help in the monitoring of COVID-19 patients.

The two will use Edinburgh, Scotland’s-based Current Health’s continuous remote monitoring platform to manage and treat COVID-positive patients and develop a digital biomarker-based algorithm that will be able to predict the need for hospitalization and ICU-level care.

The pact is an extension of BARDA’s COVID-19 Medical Countermeasure Portfolio, which includes diagnostics, therapeutics, vaccines, and rapidly deployable capabilities.

“Our ultimate goal is to save lives and employing technology such as remote patient monitoring platforms will allow hospitals to preserve capacity for those COVID-19 patients who need escalated care while enabling healthcare providers to offer the necessary care for COVID-19 patients being treated at home,” said BARDA Acting Director Gary Disbrow, PhD.

Current Health’s artificial intelligence-powered remote monitoring solution was cleared by FDA in April 2019.

In prepared remarks, Chris McCann, CEO and Co-Founder of Current Health, added, “We hope not only to provide a platform that enables patients to recover at home but also offer healthcare providers clinical insights to know early on when these patients need to be transitioned to the hospital for higher-level care.”

Current Health entered into a similar agreement with Mayo Clinic in April. During this time Mayo also became an investor in Current Health.

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