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Bummed about the Olympics? Watch the Attain Games

Image by soupstock - Adobe Stock Attain Games
The Attain Games, a virtual event that kicks off Sunday, will spotlight a series of at-home challenges led by current and former world-champion athletes, including Tatyana McFadden and Rachael Adams.

COVID-19 disrupted the 2020 Olympic Games, but it won't stop seven world-champion athletes from participating in the Attain Games, a week-long virtual event that starts Sunday.

Hosted by Aetna on the Attain by Aetna app, The Attain Games will spotlight a series of healthy activities created by top U.S. athletes to help Aetna members experience new and challenging ways to achieve their health goals while focusing on at-home wellness. Taking place Sunday, Aug. 23 through Saturday, Aug. 29, users will be presented with six challenges to complete each day, worth 50 points per challenge, with one marquee event being presented and demonstrated by a select group of top athletes. Challenge activities include physical workouts using equipment found at home, breathing exercises, and mindfulness challenges. At the end of the week, gold, silver, and bronze status will be determined based on the number of points the user achieves.

The presenting partners for the Attain Games include:

  • Shannon Miller, world-champion gymnas
  • Rachael Adams, world-champion volleyball player
  • Tatyana McFadden, world-class track and field athlete
  • David Boudia, world-champion diver  
  • Michael Andrew, world-champion swimmer
  • Brenda Martinez, world-class track and field athlete
  • Kyra Condie, world-class rock climber 

“While I’m disappointed not being able to compete this year, it’s become more important for all of us to stay healthy and find creative ways to stay at the top of our game right from the comfort of our own homes,” McFadden said. “It’s important that especially during times where our mental health is also being put to the test, that we are taking care of our bodies with nutritious foods, mindfulness activities, and plenty of exercise. The Attain Games are a great way to come together as a community for a bit of healthy competition, and I’m thrilled to help play a small part in motivating people to feel good physically and mentally.”

Released in 2019 and designed in collaboration with Apple, the Attain app is a personalized well-being experience that combines health history with Apple Watch information to empower better health. In just the first year of launch, the app's users have achieved the following results, collectively:

  • 6 billion calories burned
  • 233 million workout minutes
  • 6.8 million daily goals conquered
  • 6 million healthy actions completed
  • $1.8 million redeemed in rewards

“We’ve received great feedback from Attain by Aetna users over the past year and expect the popularity of wearable fitness technology to increase due to the multitude of benefits it provides,” said Jonathan Mayhew, executive vice president and chief transformation officer at CVS Health. “We’re hoping our members will strive to achieve their personal health and wellness goals by participating in the Attain Games, all with the help of some of the most celebrated athletes representing the United States cheering them on.”

Aetna members with an iPhone can sign up to participate using the Attain app, available at the App Store, or text ATTAINAPP to 37046.

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