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5 Digital Health Solutions for a Global Market—Swasthya Slate

Swasthya Slate 

The Swasthya Slate is a device that combines various sensors and monitors to enable numerous diagnostics tests to be run on one small, mobile, affordable, easy-to-learn system that is connected to an app.

According to the Swasthya Slate website, there are 33 tests available, ranging from the basic--blood pressure, urine tests, pulse oximetry, stethoscope, heart rate, and body temperature--to the more complex, such as HIV-1 and HIV-2, syphilis, malaria, dengue, HCV, and rheumatoid factors. Pregnancy tests and fetal doppler are available too. Test results can be printed with the system's printer as well. 

A map on the company's website shows that the device has been used in numerous countries, including India, Nigeria, Indonesia, Norway, the United Kingdom, Peru, and others.

In a March 2016 MD+DI article about Swasthya Slate, Kanov Kahol, who reportedly came up with the device concept, explained that the system is intended as a simple way to quickly gather and store data in the cloud.  Kahol is honorary professor at the Public Health Foundation of India. Prior to that, he was an assistant professor in the School of Biological and Health Systems Engineering at Arizona State University, and an assistant professor adjunct at Mayo Clinic.


[Video courtesy of SWASTHYA SLATE]

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