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3 Wireless Medical Devices to Watch: Evena Eyes-On Glasses


Intravenous (IV) access is the most common invasive medical procedure, with roughly one billion venipunctures for drawing blood and IV therapy taking place annually in the United States, according to the American College of Pathologists. But despite how common it is, IV access is not easy to perform. Providers require multiple attempts to access a vein in up to 60% of children and 40% of adults.

“Imprecise IV access can result in adverse events related to drug-delivery outside of the venous system, and when IV access is not achieved, therapy can be delayed or cancelled—impacting patient care and hospital revenues,” says Evena Medical CEO Frank Ball.

Evena Medical's Eyes-On Glasses incorporate multispectral 3-D imaging and wireless connectivity to help providers gain a clear, anatomically accurate image of a patient’s vascular in real time. The system uses Epson’s Moverio smart glasses with Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and 3G wireless technology. It also incorporates digital storage for verification and documentation of vein patency. Telemedicine capability enables images to be shared remotely, and the device is also compatible with electronic medical records.

Though it won’t require FDA approval, the system is listed with the agency. Evena expects Eyes-On Glasses to hit the U.S. market in April or May of this year. 

Siemens miniTek    Moticon OpenGo Sensor Insole
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Jamie Hartford, managing editor, MD+DI
[email protected]

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