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Senseonics Launches Eversense, but Is Dexcom’s G7 Far Behind?

Image courtesy of Dennis Diatel / Alamy Stock Photo IMG_2022-4-8-134946.jpg
Senseonics has a longer runway in the CGM market. However, Dexcom has been busy building out its offerings until it wins approval for G7.

Senseonics Holdings has launched the Eversense E3 continuous glucose monitoring and has announced the first commercial implant of the device.

The Germantown, MD-based company won FDA approval for the CGM in February. Eversense includes sacrificial boronic acid (SBA) technology to extend the longevity of the sensor to six months and is available to U.S. patients through Ascensia Diabetes Care, Senseonics’s commercial partner

"We are pleased with the patient and healthcare provider excitement surrounding the Eversense E3 launch," said Tim Goodnow, President and CEO. "Today marks a major milestone in the history of diabetes care, advancing our Eversense CGM offering so that patients with diabetes can live more freely. We are excited the Eversense E3 is now available to millions of diabetes patients across the U.S."

Senseonics has a wide runway on Dexcom’s highly-anticipated G7 CGM. Although the San Diego, CA-based company has CE mark for G7, the device is still being reviewed by FDA.

Dexcom submitted for FDA approval at the end of 2021.

But since the submission, Dexcom has been strengthening its infrastructure. Early last month, the company won breakthrough device designation for its CGM technology to be used in the hospital setting.

The CGM specialist recently announced it was launching Dexcom One in the UK in May. While the Dexcom One doesn’t have all the bells and whistles of G7, it is intended to be a more affordable and accessible option for people with diabetes.

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