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Where the 2016 Presidential Candidates Stand on Healthcare - Bernie Sanders


Party: Democratic
Wants to Repeal Obamacare: Yes
Replace With: The senator from Vermont wants a single-payer national healthcare program — in short, he calls it a Medicare for all. He views Obamacare as a critical step forward to achievning universal healthcare, but one that doesn't go far enough.
Like some Republican presidential candidates, Sanders wants to divorce healthcare coverage from employment. Sanders also believes that going the single-payer route would also stem the spiralling costs of healthcare. It would give the government a firmer footing to negotiate better prices from drug companies. 
Under Sanders, premium costs will be cut significantly under the plan for individuals while employers also will see a radical reduction in their burden. Sanders intends to pay for his single-payer universal healthcare plan by making employers pay a 6.2% income-based healthcare premium, households pay 2.2% income-based premium and progressive income taxes based on wealth as well as other mechanisms.

Source: Official Bernie Sanders For President Website


Photo Credit: Getty Images

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