Originally Published MDDI October 2003AlarmsTry it Out Before You Finalize the Design

October 1, 2003

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Try it Out Before You Finalize the Design

Originally Published MDDI October 2003


Laurence Harris

Often product developers can benefit from early rapid prototyping (ERP) of an alarm subsystem using a program running on an ordinary desktop computer. This process can simulate the behaviors called out in the specifications before committing expensive engineering time to creating a system that later turns out to be inadequate. Developers can present potential users a chance to react to a particular strategy and obtain constructive comments on it at an early stage. Some facets of and benefits of ERP may include the following:

• ERP is low in cost with a fast turnaround time.
• Multiple versions can be made to compare concepts.
• Prototypes are useful for market research on the product concept before completing the design.
• Prototypes can be combined with visual and tactile components to gain a total product experience.
• ERP can sometimes be used as a tool for specifying user-interface behaviors in a PRS.
• Prototypes can be used for testing and training before product release.. 

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