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Medtech Miniaturization: This Won't Be Your Average Zoom Call

Join us on Sept. 2 for a new kind of virtual networking event to form meaningful industry connections that could serve as the kindling for the next breakthrough idea or the elusive solution to a troubling technical challenge. One-on-one and small group discussions will focus on miniaturization in medtech.


On Wednesday MD+DI and Design News, with sponsors Maxon and Isometric Micro Molding, are hosting a new kind of virtual networking event featuring one-on-one meetings and small group discussions on topics related to miniaturization in medtech. This won’t be your average Zoom call.

Participants will form meaningful industry connections that could serve as the kindling for the next breakthrough idea or the elusive solution to a troubling technical challenge. Click here to browse the market for compelling topics and reserve your spot now. Or post some of your own topics to become an instant thought leader—or just a great connection. Clear your calendar: You’re about to have the most enlightening day of the year at the medtech industry’s first Braindate event.

Below are just a few examples of what you can expect from this event.

Designing high-touch physical and synesthetic interfaces through the eyes of an expert

Bryce Rutter, founder and CEO at Metaphase Design Group will share his perspectives on this topic.

"Miniaturization is transforming medical device designs," Rutter said. "Everything gets smaller, except our hands."

Maximize prototype value for minimally invasive tools

Scott Thielman, chief technology officer at Product Creation Studio, will present this topic.

"We often must manage the costs to developing solutions in miniature," Thielman said, explaining what inspired this topic. "I want to share and learn."

How miniaturization could help healthcare in the developing world

Marissa Fayer, CEO and founder at HERHealthEQ, will present this topic. Asked what inspired the topic, Fayer explained that U.S. and European products don't work in the developing world. She wants to connect with peers to discuss how to develop smaller products for developing countries.

From cows to people - trends in minaturized wireless pills

John Blyler said he created this topic because miniaturization of electronics, especially wireless and batteries, has enabled pill tech.

Thin-walled micro molding. What is possible?

Donna Bibber, vice president of business development at Isometric Micro Molding, said this topic is inspired by the existence of smaller form factors and high aspect ratio parts such as cannulas, sheaths, tubes, and sensors.

Learn how CT scanning can help guide Micro Component Design

Brent Hahn, global director of sales and marketing at Isometric Micro Molding, wants to chat about how CT scanning is an excellent validation tool to de-risk your project early on in development phases.


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