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Manufacturing Durable Diabetes Tech for the 21st Century

Article-Manufacturing Durable Diabetes Tech for the 21st Century

Image Credit: Peter Dazeley via Getty Images IMG_2023-6-7-155436.jpg
A webinar sponsored by Henkel will discuss recent advancements in manufacturing diabetes tech.

Advancements in diabetes medtech design require innovative solutions to optimize devices and processes beyond today’s level of care.

Devices are smaller, require better environmental protection, and reliable diagnostics while maintaining patient safety and comfort. 

A webinar sponsored by Henkel will discuss how to best optimize these devices. Tom Silva, Global Business Development Manager, Wearable Medical Devices, Henkel is the presenter for the webinar.

“This presentation is going to be about Henkel Adhesive and the other chemical technologies that are used to enable wearable devices manufacturing on many different levels,” Silva told MD+DI. “Whether it’s assembly or circuit board technologies, or printed electronic technologies or skin bonding, there are various types of technologies that will enable that device to work, efficiently and last a long time.”

The webinar will also discuss:

  • Innovations in printed electronics for biochemical sensors
  • New developments in skin bonding adhesives
  • Sustainable innovations for housing assembly solutions and protection of electronics
  • Latest adhesive technology for component assembly including tubes and needles
  • Manufacturing trends for wearable medical devices

The webinar is titled “Accelerating Innovation in Diabetes Medtech with Adhesives, Printed Electronics & Low-Pressure Molding, and will be held at 11 a.m. E.T. on June 20th.




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