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2015 MDEA Winners: Implant and Tissue Replacement Products

    Implant and Tissue-Replacement Products  


Implant and Tissue-Replacement Products


Kiva Vertebral Compression Fracture Treatment System


The Kiva Vertebral Compression Fracture Treatment System, manufactured by Benvenue Medical (United States), treats vertebral compression fractures due to osteoporosis and cancer by leveraging minimally invasive access to expand within the vertebra into a cylindrical structure that stabilizes fractures and help prevent new fractures.

Supply/design credit: Flambeau


StabiLink MIS Spinal Fixation System


The StabiLink MIS Spinal Fixation System, manufactured by Southern Spine LLC (United States), is a less invasive option to pedicle screws for spinal fusion procedures; benefits include smaller incisions; significant reductions in blood loss, operative and recovery time, and postoperative pain, resulting in a quicker return to normal activities for patients.

Supply/design credit: Enginuity Works Corp.

Bronze (tie) 

Corin OPS


Corin OPS, manufactured by Optimized Ortho (Australia), aids in total hip replacement procedures by providing preoperative information on patient-targeted acetabular cup orientation through a patented dynamic hip analysis and utilizing a patient-specific delivery system to achieve the intended cup orientation.

Supply/design credits: Park Industrial, Mo Milling

Bronze (tie)

BINARY Anterior Cervical Plating System


The BINARY Anterior Cervical Plating System, manufactured by Genesys Spine (United States), features a locking mechanism that resists screw back-out and screw counter-rotation and requires no additional steps for the surgeon once the screws are fully seated.

Supply/design credit: Wilsey Tool


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