10 Finalists Announced For Dare-to-Dream Medtech Design Challenge (#9)

Power Pestle

September 17, 2013

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10 Finalists Announced For Dare-to-Dream Medtech Design Challenge (#9)

The ‘Power Pestle’ is a portable, rechargeable medical device designed to crush pills. The medicament is placed in a biodegradable, sandwich-style locking cup, preventing accidental spills and cross contamination. With the press of a button, a safety door opens vertically, as a sliding tray moves forward out of the fixture, exposing a depression for placement of the biodegradable cup. Pressing the button a second time, causes the tray to retract, the safety door to close and the powerful solenoid arm cycles down, crushing the medication. The process automatically reverses after the arm cycles, and the crushed medicament is safely presented to the health provider.

For nursing professionals who are dissatisfied with time consuming, and personal physical injury from prolonged, repetitive manual methods of crushing medicaments, the Power Pestle is a new product category that provides a faster, stress free solution. Pill crushing is a necessary and laborious routine in every long-term care facility, pediatric facility (children’s hospitals), acute care hospitals, mental deficiency hospitals, veterinary clinics and portable M.A.S.H units. But the current all-manual medicament crushing methods create an environment for debilitating carpal tunnel syndrome. This can cost the facility upwards of $9,800 in lost time and compensation expenses. The Power Pestle totally eliminates this stressful environment and its related costs. The Power Pestle solves these problems by limiting the interaction of the technician to the press of a button. It is a real time saver, preventing lost productivity from carpal tunnel claims, which affects a medical center’s bottom line. (i.e.) replacement staff and increase in compensation payments. The consumable, biodegradable cups prevents cross contamination and any sanitary concerns and are made of biodegradable material. This is a truly green product. 


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