Environmental Control Products

March 16, 2009

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Environmental Control Products

Originally Published MPMN March 2009


Environmental Control Products

Hardwall modular cleanrooms

Designed with a metal ceiling and a choice of painted steel, painted aluminum, or stainless-steel walls, a series of hardwall cleanrooms can be constructed for Class 100,000 to Class 100 environments. The Series-583 vertical-flow hardwall modular cleanrooms are equipped with halogen or teardrop lights engineered for washdown applications and feature room-side replaceable HEPA filters for easy maintenance and replacement. In addition, gel seals are offered for HEPA filters on all rooms. To drain water and enable easy cleaning, wall returns include a drainage duct inside which can be placed an optional pressure damper that automatically closes in the event of a loss in room pressure. Cleanroom walls and ceiling are tightly sealed, allowing for easy wipedown.
Clean Air Products, Minneapolis

Wipers in resealable packaging

Multiple series of a supplier’s dry and prewetted wipers are now offered in reclosable packaging. Suited for medical device cleaning applications, the wiper packaging is designed with a reclosable mechanism that easily slides open to enable quick access to the internal security seal that protects wiper integrity during storage and prior to use. A large opening for easy access to the product and reduced solvent evaporation with proper product use are additional benefits. The reclosable packaging is available in small, large, and gusseted bags.
ITW Texwipe, Mahwah, NJ

Aseptic cleanroom apparel

Developed based on user feedback, a line of aseptic cleanroom apparel addresses cleanroom operator complaints concerning the difficulty of putting on gowns while avoiding contamination. Kimtech Pure apparel with Clean-Don technology features built-in snaps, an inside-out fold pattern, a visible blue line along the inside of the garment, and thumb loops to facilitate easy gowning while minimizing the opportunity for contamination. In addition, the apparel is designed to promote user comfort. Its spunbond-meltblown-spunbond material has a clothlike feel and is 25 times more breathable than Tyvek, according to the manufacturer. Garments are clean-processed and individually packaged under cleanroom conditions.
Kimberly-Clark Professional, Roswell, GA

Cleanroom pass-through chambers

Constructed from Type 304 and Type 316 electropolished stainless steel, a company’s pass-through chambers are suited for clean, aseptic processing of such applications as medical devices. Designed for easy cleaning and sterilizing, the BioSafe pass-throughs feature covered corners and ultrasmooth surfaces that eliminate contaminant traps, as well as no-lip edges for easy material transfer into and out of the cleanroom. A mechanical interlock prevents cross-contamination when a nonsterile-side door is opened, and each door is equipped with a cam-style LiftLatch that eliminates rotary stress on hinges and is rendered immobile if the opposing door is opened. Able to be removed and steam sterilized, interchangeable doors have a BioSeal edge that uses noncontaminating, nonoutgassing, chemically resistant polyurethane to create a tight seal. Product options include UV sterilization modules, antimicrobial coating, and an ultra-low-penetration air filter ventilation module.
Terra Universal, Fullerton, CA

Humidity control device

Supplying full-capacity modulation for air conditioning (AC) systems using non-ozone-depleting hydrofluorocarbon refrigerant, a device provides humidity control without overcooling a space. Designed to withstand the high operating pressure of the environmentally friendly R410A refrigerant, the APR-410 control device continuously and automatically matches AC system capacity and output to changing load conditions. As a result, common maintenance problems associated with excess system capacity, such as coil icing, liquid slugging, and excessive compressor cycling, are eliminated. The product modulates the AC system’s capacity by varying refrigerant flow according to suction pressure, which changes with the temperature of air crossing the evaporator coil. It is suited for use in cleanrooms designated for such operations as medical device packaging and assembly.
Rawal Devices Inc. Woburn, MA

Modular cleanrooms

A company claims that its modular cleanrooms serve as a cost-effective alternative to conventionally constructed cleanrooms without sacrificing quality, durability, or efficiency. Offered with a choice of CleanLine, FabLine, or PharmaSystem wall systems, the cleanrooms provide an ultraclean environment with control over such variables as airflow, pressure, temperature, humidity, and filtration. The modular cleanrooms feature a flexible design that facilitates easy installation in a system and enables expansion or relocation as needs change.
PortaFab, Chesterfield, MO

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