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10 Finalists Chosen for Supplier Innovation Challenge (Schurter)

  Name of Supplier: Schurter Inc. Describe an innovation your company developed between 2012 and the present and its potential application in medical devices. 

Name of Supplier 
Schurter Inc.

Describe an innovation your company developed between 2012 and the present and its potential application in medical devices. 
The DC12 power entry module is now designed for use in Protection Class II double-insulated applications.  The device touts high surge withstand capability. The EMC filter is available in medical and low leakage versions. This integrated filter at the power input provides highly effective interference suppression, which results in optimized electromagnetic compatibility. V-Lock cord sets safeguard against unintentional disconnection of the power. The power module meets the medical standards for use in at-home medical equipment.

How does the innovation work? Please describe the technology.
Protection Class II equipment, in contrast to Protection Class I equipment, generally has no metal case. This category of equipment is double insulated, and requires higher safety levels for energized components relative to exposed surfaces. The DC12 Class II power entry module provides double insulation between energized components and exposed parts. With Protection Class II design, the DC12 power entry module can be safely operated in at-home medical equipment.

Describe how your innovation adds value for medical device OEMs. Can it make work processes more efficient, reduce costs, improve quality, or improve patient outcomes?
The  DC12 Protection Class II power entry module improves quality of at-home medical equipment and increases patient safety. The product has double insulation between the mains circuit and the output voltage or metal enclosure, as well as, protection against any contact with other live parts through double insulation. As at-home medical devices are being operated by laypersons with no medical experience in an uncontrolled environment, critical human safety measures for operation are required. The DC12 Protection Class II is designed for altered ambient conditions in residential environments, Protection Class II, IP21, and stricter shock and vibration tests.

What distinguishes your product/service from those of competitors and what makes it unique in the market?
The DC12 Class I power entry module is already a highly popular product in medical applications, used in equipment for hospitals and other medical facilities. The product sets itself apart from competitive products due to its compact size, multi-functional features, recessed switch, high surge withstand capabilities, and high filter attenuation performance. The DC12 Class II is a logical extension of the product series for medical equipment used at home.


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