Bob Michaels

October 3, 2011

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Products and Services: IV Components

Quick-Connect Fittings
Manufactured by Value Plastics Inc., the MQC series of plastic tubing connectors consists of quick-connect luer alternatives that feature large, ergonomically engineered grips and an intuitive functional design. The push-to-connect tube fittings are designed to emit an audible click for user reassurance when a secure connection has been achieved. In addition, the haptic characteristics of the connectors are such that users wearing gloves should find them easy to handle, according to the manufacturer. Designed to reduce the risk of tubing misconnections, the connectors are offered in a variety of colors, which allows for unique color-coding opportunities that can help provide connection verification. They are available in multiple nylon resins, including a USP Class VI material, and with barbs ranging in size from 1/8 to 3/16 in. The fittings can withstand EtO sterilization and remain stable when gamma-irradiated. They have been tested for 1500 connection cycles.
Value Plastics Inc.

Dual-Purpose Connector
In order to reduce tubing misconnections and enhance therapeutic outcomes, the push-pull Mini Hybrid connector from Colder Products Co. integrates air lines and electronics in a single compact connection point for remote tools on medical equipment. It features technology that eliminates the need for multiple connections, facilitating changeouts or the replacement of modular tools, umbilicals, or handpieces that require power, signal, and gas delivery. The small-form-factor version of the valved device is suited for low-pressure applications calling for ease of use and ergonomic design. In addition, the standard coupling set consists of a panel-mount socket and a connector with a 4-ft umbilical hose containing an air tube, multiple wires, and two electrical contacts. Customizing options are available.
Colder Products Co.

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