Motors and MotionControl Devices

July 8, 2003

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Motors and MotionControl Devices

Originally Published MPMN July 2003


Motors and MotionControl Devices

Shaft components

mpmn0307p32a.jpgA manufacturer in the linear motion and power transmission industry has introduced a series of steel shafting components. Predrilled and tapped every 8 in., they are available in 11¼2 and 2 in. diam in lengths up to 12 ft. Lighter in weight than solid shafting, the tubular shaft components are designed to cool quickly, extending the life of slide bushings operating at high load and speed. Lee Controls Inc., 727 South Ave., Piscataway, NJ 08854.

Brushless dc motor

mpmn0307p32b.jpgA high-performance brushless dc kit motor is designed for applicationsin which high torque needs to be produced in limited space. Operating at 12 V, the motor can deliver torque in excess of 75 oz/in., in a 0.51 in. profile and a 3.77 in. diam. The motor has been designed with a large inner-rotor dimension to accommodate a myriad of mounting configurations including light-beam passage or wire and cable channeling. Servo Magnetics Inc., 6660 Variel Ave., Canoga Park, CA 91303.


Designed for applications requiring high accuracy, repeatability, and long-lasting linear motion performance, a series of ball- and roller slides combine rigidity and friction-free travel to provide linear motion. Ironman slides employa system called the Wedge to customize preloading for a particular application. The Wedge is an internal tapered steel block that can be adjusted with a single setscrew, applying uniform loading across the entire slide in a single step. The EasySlider ball- and roller slides are lightweight, corrosion resistant, and offer a 0.0003 coefficient of sliding friction. The ball slides' point-contact design is self-cleaning. AG Slides, 850 Hudson Ave., Rochester, NY 14621.

Motion control card

mpmn0307p32d.jpgA four-axis motion control card allows users to direct stepper motors or digital servomotors, and incorporates a motion control chip as part of its design. The NPMC6045A-4104 features the ability to obtain trapezoidal and constant-speed motion profiles, the capability to perform linear and S-curve acceleration and deceleration, circular and linear interpolation, and a 28-bit counter for incremental encoder feedback. Equipped with various homing modes, it has an output power of +5 V dc ±5% and an external power input of +24 V dc ±10%. Nippon Pulse America Inc., 1073 E. Main St., Radford, VA 24141.

Slotless dc motors

mpmn0307p32e.jpgA line of high-performance, fully autoclavable slotless-brushless dc motors can be used in medical applications such as handheld surgical instruments and pumps. The motors offer high power density and speeds to more than 100,000 rpm. The units are available in sizes as small as 1¼2 in. and are manufactured with stainless-steel components and precision bearings. Xtreme Energy Inc., 9543 International Ct. N., St. Petersburg, FL 33716.

Frameless motors

mpmn0307p32f.jpgA series of frameless direct-drive rotary motors is available in four frame sizes with continuous torque from 5 to 369 nm, peak torque from 17 to 1340 nm, and diameters from 160 to 333 mm. The F series uses a proprietary neodymium-iron magnet rotor structure and skewed armature assembly to optimize machine torque and volume. Encapsulated armatures offer high thermal transfer and mechanical protection, while high magnetic poles enable high-torque density and short axial length. Kollmorgen, a div. of Danaher Motion, 501 W. Main St., Radford, 
VA 24141.


mpmn0307p32g.jpgWith a 17-mm diam and lengths of 17 or 24 mm, a series of motors has high efficiency and long life, due to a precious metal commutation and neodymium magnets. A light-sensitive magnetic encoder is integrated into the motor, extending the overall length by 2.4 mm. The output consists of two 90° offset square-wave signals with up to 512 pulses. MicroMo Electronics Inc., 14881 Evergreen Ave., Clearwater, FL 33762.

mpmn0307p32h.jpgLinear actuators

A company has produced a series of small linear actuators. At about 1 in. high and 1 in. wide, the LM/LRM stages provide 0.0005 in. per in.of travel straight-line accuracy and 0.0001 in. repeatability. The positioners are available with either linear ball or crossed roller slides that can carry loads of 8 lb in the ball slide configuration, and 15 lb in the roller slide configuration. They offer a0.168 in. diam 0.125 in. leadscrew, an antibacklash nut, and a flexible zero backlash coupling. A beamed coupling and motor mount are included to render the stage ready for the addition of the motor and controller. Del-Tron Precision Inc., 5 Trowbridge Dr., Bethel, CT 06801.


A miniature gearhead delivers 2 arc/min positional accuracy in a package size that is 30 mm ¥ 30 mm ¥ 65 mm. The CSF-1U has a rated torque of 21 in./lb and a maximum torque of 80 in./lb. The gearhead has both an input shaft and an output shaft for convenient coupling, andis available in gear ratios of 30:1, 50:1, and 100:1. HD Systems Inc., 89 Cabot Ct., Hauppauge, NY 11788.

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